"Preserving Austin's Quality of Life"

Austin Code is here to keep the community clean and safe. Through the continuous training and an ongoing focus on customer service, consistency, and transparency, violations around the city will be brought into compliance. If compliance isn't met, Austin Code will proceed with enforcement actions in order to make sure the community stays livable for everyone in Austin.


To provide quality education and enforcement of city codes and ordinances so that Austin will be a more livable city.


In 2009, the Austin Code Department was a small division of the Solid Waste Services Department. Now we have grown to over 100 employees, and we are a standalone department with an important responsibility to the community we serve.


The Austin Code Department maintains the balance between code compliance and code enforcement by implementing programs to ensure a minimum standard is met

Code Officers identify dangerous and substandard conditions in each of the four districts they are assigned. Dangerous conditions threaten the immediate health and safety of the resident, whereas substandard conditions are issues taht may not be life threatening, but have a negative impact on the community.

Through community focused public education programs, stakeholder feedback and face-to-face dialogue, Austin Code gets to know the community we serve.

Austin Code Department exists to make sure city codes and ordinances are met so Austin continues to be one of the safest and most livable cities in the country.

City codes and ordinances have been created to protect the health, safety, and quality of life for the citizens of Austin. If there is a problem property in your neighborhood, call 3-1-1. And remember, you can always call anonymously.